July 26th, 2016

B2B meets… Yanin Namasonthi

July 163

21-year-old Yanin Namasonthi is leading the way for the next generation of multi-platform bloggers whose skill set includes creating digital video, written and editorial content for her own platform – I Dress Myselff – and for well-known commercial brands. Namasonthi’s success has grown fast, only starting her blog four years ago, and she has now reached 170k followers on Instagram. There’s no questioning how Yanin has gained this success, as you can see why people are drawn to her style through carefully constructed, beautiful editorial content and fun, easy-to-watch beauty and lookbook videos.

B2B caught up with Yanin to discuss the transition from blogger to vlogger, the pitfalls of social media and her favourite hangouts around the world.

What does a typical day in your life look like?

I normally wake up, check snapchat and emails from my phone then get ready for meetings in London. I usually spend the day up there then head home to shoot!

You transitioned from Tumblr to Blogger to then making for YouTube as well, how did that transition occur and what inspired you to do so?

It was just my followers who wanted something that was a bit more grounded and wanted to hear my voice. From Tumblr to an actual blog was just a next step really. Then Youtube was a big scary change. Having to talk in your room to a camera but knowing it’s going out to a bigger audience was a bit off putting at first.

Your personal style is impeccable, and you have a unique eye for putting together looks. What’s the one piece in your wardrobe you couldn’t live without?

My leather jacket for sure. It goes with everything. I’ve had mine for years and love how worn it is. It’s got stains and rips but that just adds a bit of history to the garment, which I love.

Is there a negative side to documenting your life and building your career on Instagram and social media as a whole?

Of course – same as with all jobs. Not everyone will see eye to eye in what you’re doing or sharing with the world. There’s a lot of judgment because we are putting ‘selected’ pieces out on social media. I’m not one to record everything that happens. I still like to keep my private life private.

Do you have any rules when it comes to what you post on Instagram and how the posts look?

I’m a bit strict with what I put on my Instagram. I miss having a structure like you did when you go to school so I try to do that with my Instagram. I like my photos to have a certain tone an edit a certain way. If a photo doesn’t look right I have to delete it right away.

Who, or what, first introduced you to fashion? Tell us a bit about your earliest influences.

I think I was really inspired by people who started out doing something totally different. Like Pharrell and the Olsen twins. I admire how they ended up doing something they love and totally different to what they were doing before.

Who are your main style influences?

Leandra Medine, Jesse Jo Stark, The Olsen twins, Aimee Song, Elvira. I could go on and on!

Asides from fashion, what are your other interests and passions?

I love traveling, cooking and home interiors!

If you’re in a creative rut – what would you do or where would you go to, to gather inspiration?

LA is always the answer! My best friends are out there and I always create such fun content with them. Doesn’t hurt that the sun is always out too!

What was your first ever Instagram post?

It was probably a selfie?

What’s your favourite hang-out in London?

I love Thomas’s at Burberry. I could spend ages in there. Also the Alexander Wang store. Such a cool vibe and my favourite designer! I can spend hours in there.

What are your five key cities in the world, and your secret (how not-so-secret anymore) hot spots?

Erm… LA of course! Hot spot there is Alfred’s coffee. Everyone goes there but the coffee is so good! Next up would be Paris. I recommend going to Derriere for dinner! In NYC, I recommend you swing by and say hey to the guys at BBC ICECREAM! Such a lovely bunch and always been a big supporter of the brand. London…. Would be Kaffeine cafe! Lastly it would be Bangkok. Check out Rocket coffee bar!

What advice would you give to anyone who wants to take the freelance route and start their own online publication or blog?

Just go for it. You never know if it can be something if you don’t try! Be yourself and just do things your way.

What do you think you would be doing now if you hadn’t started a blog?

I would probably be stuck at university doing something I wasn’t interested in.

What’s next for I Dress Myselff? Any exclusive news you can reveal?

Not too sure yet. I just go with the flow usually. I have a vague idea of what I want to be doing in 5 years time but I don’t think about it that much.

Featured image credit: Yanin Namasonthi