August 12th, 2016

Olympic Fashion

aug 16

It could easily give some Fashion Weeks a run for their money when it comes to being the world’s most watched fashion show, where elite athletes are, for once, not judged on their sports, but on what they’re sporting. We are, of course, talking about the Olympics Opening Ceremony.

The Olympics are a massive operation, raking in several billion dollars through sponsorship deals and broadcast rights. There will be over 6,000 hours of logo-filled programming for an expected 3.6 billion viewers across multiple platforms. The International Olympics Committee has even been known to hire a “brand police”, whose job is to insure that only paying sponsors get seen by the public.

One of more noticeable opportunities belongs to fashion labels designing the Olympic uniforms for the opening as well as closing ceremonies; Polo Ralph Lauren for the United States, Dsquared2 for Canada, Stella McCartney x Adidas for Great Britain, Lacoste for France and H&M for Sweden.

Great Britain was lead round the arena by tennis star Andy Murray in an understated but stylist uniform. Male athletes paired a slim-fitting jacket with a classic white shirt, adding a breezy modern touch with white short on the bottom. Female athletes wore white jackets, blue shirt and the very epitome of British fashion – a blue miniskirt.

Perhaps the biggest component helping Olympics fashion this year is an all too ubiquitous style trend: athleisure-wear. Sporty is in, and now even more with a kick from only the biggest worldwide athletic event. A steady stream of fashion brands have taken to the trend, including H&M, who’ve released a fashion performance Olympics-inspired sportswear collection called For Every Victory.

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