October 7th, 2016

Fashion goes Digital

Ever wondered where the lines of fashion and technology become blurred? With Karl Lagerfeld turning Chanel’s SS17 Paris Fashion Week show into a tech-savvy heaven, complete with androids and data collectors on display, are we now about to see fashion move further into a new digital age?

Innovation in style and design has always been an integral part of the fashion industry, and with major names like Lagerfeld and Chalayan pushing technology within fashion even further, how much longer will it be before wearables take over, or we can tap a picture on our wardrobe and and our outfits are complied without a second thought.

Taking inspiration from Sci-fi and creating a ‘new-world’ of technology on the catwalks, are we ready to embrace this futuristic vibe? Intertwined beautifully Chanel’s SS17 collection was full of surprising twists including data coded bags and briefcases.

Lagerfeld went on to say that Chanel’s SS17 collection ‘isn’t a retrospective, it’s a vision of the world as it is now. We depend on all this technology, imagine your life without a telephone? The next step is artificial intelligence.’ So we’re asking you, are you ready for a new wave of designers blurring the lines between fashion and technology? Are we really ready for the digital era of fashion?