November 25th, 2016

Parisian VS Milanese: A Fashion Show-Down.

They may share the same boarder, but the French and Italians are polar opposites when it comes to fashion. After spending time in both Italy and France this year, below we share some of their everyday fashion secrets.

Parisian style

The Parisians 

It’s a question of whether we follow what they do, or what they don’t do. We know them for their effortlessly chic, put together look. Less is more. Parisians don’t believe in over-layering and if wearing accessories, they keep the rest of the outfit to a minimum. The French are mysterious, yet masterful.

French women will never be seen in sky high heels, or wearing flashy logos. It’s about the way you wear your clothes and accessories, and not about drawing attention to the brands itself. They never want to look OTT, and would rather opt for timeless and simple looks, with a little splash of colour; skinny jeans, white shirt, a dainty watch and a red lip.

The Parisian men, much like the female counterpart like to look effortlessly cool, so a blazer with jeans, or a leather jacket with crisp white shirt and slacks are popular choices. Mixing cool with classics.


Milanese Style

The Milanese

Italians ooze sex appeal and are impeccably groomed. They take pride in their appearance and put considerable thought into their overall look, right down to their sexy lingerie. Where the French draw the line at three items of jewellery, the Italians splurge on accessories and tend to make a statement piece of jewellery the focal point of their outfit. Handbags fall under the accessories umbrella here, so invest in a luxurious handbag, think Gucci, Bottega Veneta and Prada of course.

The French may leave an extra button undone or have a little slit in a skirt, but the Italians like to flaunt their assets, in the most sophisticated way of course. Whilst Parisians are drawn to blacks, greys and neutral colours, Italians have more fun with colour, go bold or go home.

Stylish men in Italy don’t stray too far from a classic look. They may be dressed in trousers, shirt and a neck scarf, but they will throw on a casual camo coat over the top. French men tend to stick to blacks and neutral tones, whereas Italians stick with the sand and stone palette.



In conclusion, the common thread between the two are that the French and Italians are confident and secure in their own skin. If you can’t beat them, join them.