December 22nd, 2016

The concept of Hygge


It’s no secrets that the Scandinavians like to make everything hyggelig and koselig. In the past few years I’ve been in London, I have tried to explain and show the concept (with little success so far, I may add). From living in student halls to flats; putting on my old slippers and knitted socks, to making everyone nice late dinners, to putting cloths over lamps to make a DIY dimmer – my friends thought it was nice, but never quite got it.


In Norway, to make something hyggelig, doesn’t come as an extra effort, it’s just part of our mindset, probably to make the cold more bearable. Every time we got that special feeling, we state it by saying something like ‘åh, dette var da hyggelig’ or ‘nå koser vi oss dere’ (wow, this was very nice and cosy). And yes, we do say this a lot!


So buy some nice candles, wear an oversized dress or jumper and wrap yourself into a big soft blanket surrounded by pillows. Add some snacks and tea to the table, put your biggest socks on, dim the lights, find your new favourite book and completely relax. Hyggelig.


Madeleine Bugge Karlsen for B2B Media Ltd, photos by Jasper Wyatt. Wearing Parajumpers and Basic Terrain throughout.