January 23rd, 2017


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Eyes closed, in a comfy position, counting every ‘in’ and ‘out’ breath in the hopes of washing away all the stress and resting the mind for the best of ten minutes. Utter meditational bliss. The best part about it? You can now do it from the comfort of your own bed. Well, at least according to Laurence Shorter, ‘Beditation’ is here to stay and kicking meditation out of the water in the process.

With emails on the go and to-do lists as long as your arm, getting up can be a daunting prospect. So let’s make 2017 the year of mindfulness and having a clearer mind to start the day right. If every morning you wake up and wish the day away, just to be back in bed a mere 12 hours later, then Beditation is the one for you.

According to The Lazy Guru [Laurence Shorter], Beditation nothing like meditation. Not really. No self-guided hums resonating through your ear, just lying in bed for the first ten minutes of your day, listening to your thoughts, and then letting them pass without causing stress and apprehension. We all know that we need to switch off from technology a little more, Instagram and the text messages will still be there for you after a bit of ‘me’ time in the morning.

If you spend an hour and a half a day on social media for 365 days, that equates to 34 days a year you spend on social media, just aimlessly scrolling through your news feeds comparing your life to someone else’s. 34 days a year spent locked to a screen! Think of all the productive things you could do in that time, you could probably tick more of from your to do list if you cut down browsing time. Try switching your phone off for half an hour, stop the long list of emails pinging in or eagerly awaiting the message from your office crush, and see how it makes you feel.

Beditation or meditation, which ever takes your fancy, take the time to clear your mind and reduce stress and anxiety from your daily routine. We need to build more rest into our lives, we need to do less work to do more work. Take time out in 2017 for YOU.

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