June 23rd, 2017

B2B Meets Felicia Weeren

Felicia Weeren is a London based model, beautiful, vivacious and super down to earth. Originally from Sweden, this blonde beauty took some time out to sit with B2B to give us a run through her career, what makes her tick and what she gets up to in her day-to-day life.fashionmodel_felicia

How did you get into modelling?

Before I moved to London to go to university, a friend encouraged me to contact some agencies. I figured it was a good way to make some extra money whilst studying and luckily I got signed with 3 agencies within 2 weeks. I started modelling in London and had the best time with my agency there, they kept me so busy to the point where I barley had time for my studies. It’s all been great because my bookers and agents are beyond amazing and have been acting like my personal cheerleaders all along.

What does a typical day look like for you? 

Each day is so different.  I have casting days, work days and days off. It’s really hard to have a typical day beacause each day is so different, I have to change my routines almost every week.

I almost always plan my days around meals haha, and work/castings obviously. But the typical day in general means that I FaceTime with my family and friends at some point, workout, answering emails on the tube or bus, have a little cry to animal videos my friends send to me. I read a lot and look for new music.  I stalk Matthew Gray Gubbler on social media and most nights I have dinner with my friends or family. I usually end everyday by watching some comedy series like New Girl or Friends in bed – I’m the ultimate rockstar.

What’s your favourite part about the industry you’re in? 

The variety. Each job is different and therefore more stimulating.

Sometimes there are puppies on set, other times you get to ”fake-make out” with another model during the shoot. You never really know what you’re gonna do until you get to the set, whether it’s running, eating ice cream or going horseback riding.

The variety of people is great as well. Because it’s such a big and fast moving industry, you get to meet, befriend and work with so many inspiring and fun people.


What’s your personal favourite modelling job to date and why? 

I absolutely love location shoots so would have to be either any of the Soulcal campaigns I’ve done. We’ve shot in both Scotland and Tenerife. The other models are very close friends of mine and the team is just the best. We shoot, eat pizza, skate and dance.

Another favorite job is this Calendar job I did in Italy. The place was called Parco Delle Fucine Di Casto and was such a beautiful place with high mountains and rivers running through them.  The photographers and I had the same type of music. We listened to Led Zeppelin, and shot me hanging from a zip line in a bright yellow dress. I felt like a freaking butterfly haha. It was great.

What’s been your biggest challenge to date?

The greatest challenge I’ve ever faced in life was dealing with the jealousy of strangers and friends, especially when I was doing really well career-wise, but personally really bad.  Last year was very tough on my family and me. Something happened to me that I don’t wish upon anyone. In the middle of my hardship, my career as a model took off. I started getting more and better jobs, kept my good grades, and got to meet really cool people. The jealousy and lack of support during this ambivalent time taught me to never envy a person for whatever success they have because you don’t know the effort that’s behind it. I overcame the jealously that other people had towards me by constantly encouraging and supporting them. I was the friend they needed in both good and bad times.

Who are the people that inspire you the most?  

Within the fashion world I’d say my absolute BABE BOSS is Stella McCartney.  When it comes to models I’m a sucker for any model who seems like a good time but also kind. The girls that are the complete opposite of the braindead Kardashian-klan and are using their fame for something good. Behati Prinsloo has always been my number one, she’s such a hoot.  Doutzen Kroes, Lily Aldridge, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Phoebe Tonkin are great as well. They all do charity work, for UNICEF, Knot On My Planet and for Nature Conservation.

reeMOO_0321 copy

If you could change one thing about your career what would it be?

I’d change the disposition of the industry to ”it’s cool to be kind”. Or an app that could black list models that cut the queue at castings. Tough call.

If, in some Freaky Friday-like situation, you could live the life of another creative, for a day, who would it be, and why?

I’d definitely swap life with Jeff Lynne, if I can be greedy and pick what day we’d swap life, I’d pick when he was working with the Traveling Wilburys, that way I’d be able to hang out and sing with Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Roy Orbison and Tom Petty all at once. What a dream.

Tell us something no one would typically believe you like/do? 

My mom and I went to Spain for a week to neuter a bunch of stray cats. It was just the two of us that captured them, took them in to the vet and paid for it.

I don’t think it’s weird at all, I’m very passionate about getting animals off the streets and into forever homes, but my close friends think we were nuts. But I felt way happier doing that than to buy an expensive jacket.


How would you define success? Do you think you’ve found it yet?

For me success is a balance being satisfied on all levels in life. Mick Jagger once said that he was financially dissatisfied, sexually satisfied and philosophically trying.

We live in a society that teaches us chronic dissatisfaction through capitalistic values, you can always get wealthier, prettier, smarter there’s not really any limit.

So for me, success is a matter of trying really hard to achieve that balance-financially, sexually, emotionally, philosophically, but also to be happy for everything I already have. I’m not there yet, but I’m trying.

And finally, what tips would you give to anybody who is looking to get started in modelling

Most people want to start modelling for all the wrong reasons, many have this idea that modelling results in Insta fame, cooler friends, happier lives and feeling too god damn good about yourself. It’s not all that glamour and great all the time; half of the job is to constantly be judged. Most casting directors/agencies look at our measurements more intensely than vegan people look at the ingredients in the food they buy at the supermarket. It’s loco.

But if you feel like you have enough perspectives to go into the industry with a healthy and strong mind- do it. But it’s so important to be able to keep those perspectives throughout everything. Be serious about the job, but don’t take yourself too seriously. I work as a model; I’m not a model 100% of the time. When I’m ”off duty” I stress the qualities that I think really matter, instead of being all about the looks.