September 14th, 2018

B2B Media #Throwback: The Best September Issues

Our Fashion Intern Milly explored the September issues of her favourite magazines and here are the highlights.



Vogue’s heavy Petals article with this September issue showcases an array of new season bold floral designs, with the likes of Balenciaga, Miu Miu, and Valentino leading the way. My personal favourite is Prada’s Duchesse-satin Coat Priced at £4,360.

When Senior Fashion Editor, Poppy Kain tells us to “shelve micro-florals for now,” it is safe to say that these daring prints are here to stay. The front cover of this issue is no exception to this trend, with Rihanna displaying a bright floral headpiece in pink and purple hues.

However, the real talking point of this cover is not the exquisite headpiece, nor the immaculate styling, it’s Rihanna’s eyebrows which caused a massive uproar in both the media and social media. These razor thin eyebrows, which have reverted back to past trends, seen in decades as far back as the 1920’s, seen on actresses such as Clara Bow and Gloria Swanson. These thin brows are far from the perfect, so-called ‘Instagram brows,’ that we have become so used to seeing nowadays.

So, this cover for me and the stir and nostalgia Rihanna’s eyebrows have caused has definitely put the September issue of Vogue in the top five for me.



Florals can also be seen as a focus within the cover of the September issue of Red, where Helena Christensen is seen dressed in floral prints. The earthy, nature embracing cover and story ties into her interview, which is based at her unique Upstate New York Home within the Catskill Mountains.

An aspect of this issue, that is providing a lot of autumn wardrobe inspo for me, is ‘your new style heroes.’ The standout trends are definitely ‘the long printed dress’ and ‘the luxe hoodie.’ Again, the strong floral theme can be seen within the long printed dresses, a perfect example being a Ganni dress priced at £240 with a bold oversized floral print – these dresses are such a wardrobe staple because they can transition easily from a casual day dress to an evening one, with something as simple as a change of shoes.

The luxe hoodie is a staple piece for similar reasons, it is versatile and can create the perfect smart casual street-chic combo.


Hello! Fashion

Straightaway, Hello’s ‘Agenda’ brings together the season’s biggest trends, and creates a collective report of them straight from the catwalk, is a winner. The Agenda consists of twelve trends fresh from the catwalk, so I’ve handpicked three that I personally find most notable from this list!

First of all – ‘Western Revival’. This is definitely not one of my favourite trends, but with big names such as Etro, Proenza Schouler, and season favourite Fendi bringing back the style and vibes of the South-West, it can’t go without a mention.

A trend that I am very much for, is ‘Highland Fling,’ which brings plaid and tartan to clothing and accessories. Whilst I’m not a fan of all over print twin-sets like this Emilia Wickstead, I think it looks great on accessories such as the A. P. C bag shown (£285).

Finally ‘Pearly Queen.’ This really could not be further from my usual style, but Dune’s pearl and star-studded black mules (£120) and the Fendi bag (£2,590) presented within this part of the Agenda, definitely sells this trend to me.



Although I’m not ordering my Top 5, if I had to pick my favourite overall September issue based on content, it would have to be GQ. I have to say that I am not a massive fan of the cover. Whilst I am getting dark and mysterious James Bond vibes from Riz Ahmed, overall, I found it left very little impact. However, despite my first impressions, I have to say that this issue is full of articles and editorials that hugely impressed me.

Featured on the front of the GQ House Rules is an article that caught my eye, about ‘Fugly’ Fashion. This story, by Jonathan Heaf, takes a look into the direction that street-wear is following, and how street-style looks have been ‘disrupted by the influence of social media.’ Drifting away from their elegant and tailored past to adopt more of a standout image that rebels against the homogeneous high street trends.

‘The Collections AW18’ styled by Luke Day is also a highlight of this issue. Every designer is cleanly styled and photographed. Ralph Lauren is definitely going to be a season favourite of mine.



I LOVE the cover of Elle September. It screams confidence that is exactly what Slick Woods stands for. She is herself all the time, makes no excuses about the way she is, an attitude that speaks even through her photos.

Even though I love this cover, and Slick’s interview, what makes the issue standout, is that it’s entitled ‘the sustainability issue.’ This issue doesn’t just use this title in order to cover topics surrounding sustainability within the fashion world, it’s also printed on 100% recycled paper. It involves models that are also activists for sustainability such as Arizona Muse, and the co-founders of Fashion Revolution, a non-profit movement. The research that has been conducted for the purpose of this issue has definitely opened my eyes to how sustainability should be significantly more present within the fashion world, and I hope that it has started a discussion around it.